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Ron Cain is a change agent and entrepreneur with 35 years of turnaround and leadership experience. Under the umbrella of LEGACY Holding Company, a 650 million revenue entity, Ron was CEO and Chairman of the Board. He started two organizations and purchased and turned around two more. Ron created the values-based business platform as part of the standardization of operating processes within the LEGACY Holding Company family. Ron believes that organizations which invest wisely in leaders and their people, as a general rule, increase their operational maturity faster than their competitors. With a stable platform, organizations are able to innovate and develop unique and efficient business processes, enabling them to be transformational in their industries. The outcome is organizations with powerful brands, inspiring cultures, great leaders, outstanding customer relationships and increased financial performance.

Ron’s Value Centered Operating Model (VCOM) started with one question. Do those who build great organizations think differently about Culture and Values and how it drives strategy and execution? As CEO and Chairman of the board built successful, performance-driven organizations in numerous industries. Current and past customers recognize the passion that Ron has for aligning company culture and business strategy. His companies have often been listed on Forbes Fastest Growing Companies as well as many other awards for service and performance. Ron’s companies developed impactful leaders and build companies that made a difference while serving those in need. His mission to help business leaders build socially responsible businesses, through Values Centered Leadership, is at the core of The Legacy Center.

Ron went to Northeastern University and concentrated in Business Administration. He has completed the Executive Business Program from Harvard University and he also holds certificates in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Logistics Network Planning from Penn State’s Sloan School and MIT. Ron currently resides in Kennebunkport, ME and Bluffton, SC., where he enjoys his family, golf, hockey, running, travel and investment activities.

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