Our Approach

We Are Practitioners,

Not Consultants.

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We don’t view ourselves as “consultants”, we’re business leaders with decades of practical experience to share. We bring a coaching style that focuses on not just delivering a single solution but TEACHING your organization how to execute and maintain your vision and culture, strategy, organizational alignment, and business health. We are not about solving only one problem; we believe in a more holistic approach to business that has its foundation built on values and execution.

We Measure


Culture is how things get done and it can be improved. It all starts with identifying "what" is important to the organization and then measuring and analyzing the drivers of your current culture to see if they are aligned. Our certified practitioners use The Barrett Centre Model, a proven tool to measure the current and desired state of your company’s culture. You can't manage what you don't measure, and by measuring your culture you have real-time insight to intentionally shape it.



If you want to move from good to great and protect your valuable business that has been built, or if you need to transform an existing business model or simply manage a growing firm, our business model, when utilized, ensures that the business, its shareholders, and its customers will reap the benefits.


The VCOM Process

From Good to Great


The Meeting

You Think You Might Benefit From Change....

We Meet to Discuss:

  • Who We Are
  • Who You Are
  • Our Approach / Method
  • The Process


You're Committed to Change...

  • Introduction of the Process to Leadership Team
  • Scorecard Introduction
  • Values Discussion / Discovery

Values Definition & Behavior

  • Values Definitions, Behaviors, and Rollout
  • Communication Tools
  • Top5 / G2Map
  • Business Process and Sub Processes
  • Competency List
  • Personality Testing
  • Platform Evaluations (HR, IT, OD, Ops Sales / Marketing)

Strategy / Vision

  • Strategy Session (vision)
  • Expectation Exchanges
  • Values Roll-out
  • Baseline 360's leadership
  • Cultural Values Assessment
  • Leadership Training Plans
  • Platform Enhancements Defined


  • 90 Day Pulsing
  • Top5 / Scorecards
  • Team Health
  • Quarterly Issue Resolution / Rocks
  • Annual Planning Session
  • Leadership Training / Workshops
  • Values Assessment

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