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Our Approach

Most consultants take a theory-based approach to organizational health, however they have not experienced what they are coaching – they haven’t lived it. Consultants typically uncover issues, but often do not stick around to help you develop and execute a solution. When they do, many consultants offer rigid “cookie-cutter” solutions that do not meet the specific needs of a business.

We Measure Culture
Culture can be developed, and it starts with measuring and analyzing the drivers of culture within an organization. Our certified practitioners use The Barrett Model, a proven tool to measure the current and desired state of your company’s culture. Measuring culture is both art and science – and when you can measure it, you have insight to how to intentionally develop it.

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Legacy employs the Barrett Model to help uncover the cultural needs of the organization.

Proven Results

OVERALL CULTURE SCORE: Whether moving from good to great and protecting the valuable culture that has been developed, or needing to transform a culture that someone has inherited, this macro metric gives leaders the benchmark view as well as insight into improvement over time. Cultural score is based on matches, Cultural Entropy, and balance between the levels.

Legacy center 4 elements model

Phase 1:


In the commit phase, senior leadership teams are engaged to commit to the long-term process of building a values-driven organization. This phase is about the heart of your senior leaders, establishing commitment, trust, and accountability for what will be a long and meaningful journey together. Focus is placed on the impact and influence of the leadership team, and the values and behaviors they exhibit. This foundational session is designed to create higher self-awareness and commitment to the culture change in the organization.


Very PoorVery Good

100% of our Clients move their organizational Culture Score from Fair/Good to Very Good through intentional work with our team.

Phase 2:


Unique to the LEGACY Center, during the measure phase a current state “picture” of the organizational culture is established using a Cultural Values Assessment and other cultural development tools. This process provides clear insight into your organizational culture –strengths, opportunities for improvement, and levels of entropy – setting the stage for customized action plans to transform your organization.

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Phase 3:


In the ‘define’ phase, your organization’s foundational mission, vision, values, and behaviors are clearly refined and defined to ensure alignment with your intended legacy. Future direction and a concise communication path are developed to assist you in sharing this information throughout your organization. A clear plan can drive measurable growth in your cultural health.

  • Starting Health & Strength of Culture

  • Ending Health & Strength of Culture


Phase 4:


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During the align phase, the goal is to develop authentic senior leadership alignment to the espoused values. Through a combination of team sessions and 360° feedback and coaching, the leadership team is prepared for an organizational launch. Once competency is achieved, core values are rolled out to the rest of your organization through planned, cascading communication/transformation efforts. These efforts are supported by reforming human systems, processes, and disciplines for long-term cultural sustainability and growth.

ALIGNMENT TO CORE VALUES: Are the words on the wall matched up with our behaviors? With clear measurement, our clients experience a true reflection of how well their values are being experienced across the organization. The LEGACY team has helped our clients find meaningful and authentic ways to bring behaviors into alignment with their core values and monitor it over time and within divisions.

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