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Private Equity


At The Legacy Center, we collaborate with private equity partners and their portfolio companies at every stage of the transaction process. Our focus is on enhancing scalability, removing growth impediments, and expediting value creation by optimizing talent.

The VCOM Model


Our approach delivers clarity of purpose and practical solutions. Our unique offering is designed to resolve your operating challenges and transform your bottom line.

  • Values and Culture 
  • Build your foundation
  • Identify, define and measure the performance of your portfolio companies.




"People are your largest investment … and where you have your biggest opportunities."

-Ron Cain

CEO and Chairman of the Legacy Center

The VCOM Process

From Good to Great


The Meeting

You Think You Might Benefit From Change....

We Meet to Discuss:

  • Who We Are
  • Who You Are
  • Our Approach / Method
  • The Process


You're Committed to Change...

  • Introduction of the Process to Leadership Team
  • Scorecard Introduction
  • Values Discussion / Discovery

Values Definition & Behavior

  • Values Definitions, Behaviors, and Rollout
  • Communication Tools
  • Top5 / G2Map
  • Business Process and Sub Processes
  • Competency List
  • Personality Testing
  • Platform Evaluations (HR, IT, OD, Ops Sales / Marketing)

Strategy / Vision

  • Strategy Session (vision)
  • Expectation Exchanges
  • Values Roll-out
  • Baseline 360's leadership
  • Cultural Values Assessment
  • Leadership Training Plans
  • Platform Enhancements Defined


  • 90 Day Pulsing
  • Top5 / Scorecards
  • Team Health
  • Quarterly Issue Resolution / Rocks
  • Annual Planning Session
  • Leadership Training / Workshops
  • Values Assessment

Our Expertise

Benefits and Policies

Understand, align and optimize benefits programs in more than 150 countries and organizations of all sizes.

Operating Model

Align the new entity’s operating model, governance parameters and decision rights with desired outcomes.


Identify culture risks to meeting the desired objectives, and build a comprehensive mitigation strategy to drive results.

Change Management and Communications

Conduct change management planning and integration focused on moving key stakeholders from both entities.

Talent Assessment, Retention and Onboarding

Maximize deal success by assessing talent, identifying and selecting leaders, and retaining critical employees.

Workforce Strategy

Determine critical roles and the talent needed to drive success. Formulate workforce strategies to address any gaps and risks.

HR Technologies

Create the needed HR delivery platform to support strategic objectives.


Design executive, sales and broad-based incentives aligned with objectives.


Understand, align and optimize pension plans and associated risk globally.

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