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Joint ventures and strategic alliances are useful for achieving growth because they are faster than building a new business and appear to be less complex than acquisitions.


However, misaligned strategic goals, unclear governance, skewed operating models, unclear workforce strategies, and cultural differences can lead to underperformance.



The most successful approaches address people risks from the beginning, during strategy identification and partner searches, and require the same level of focus as operational risks.

The Legacy


We specialize in joint ventures and alliances and understand how to mitigate risks, maximize value, and moderate human capital costs to achieve sustainable value.


“Culture, communication and people make up more than 50% of the reasons JV's or Mergers fail. A focus on cultural fit and integration has to be top of mind for any successful merger.”


-Ron Cain

CEO and Chairman of the Legacy Center



The Legacy Center offers an impactful approach to cultural due diligence, by identifying any cultural integration challenges, opportunities to bring the cultures together, and paths for the organizations to  learn and grow from each other. 

We utilize The Barrett Model™ that is rooted in understanding authentic motivations — the values that motivate and matter to  us. Building your optimal culture begins with understanding the values that inspire it. Values are a lead indicator of potential challenges. Issues can be identified long before they express themselves among your leadership and in your culture, which gives you a tremendous  advantage in addressing them.

We have pioneered the way to discover and activate your values to forge a targeted, measurable path towards a thriving organization.

How it


  • Short, Online Survey

  • Tailored to Unique Cultural and Demographic Traits

  • Available in Multiple Languages

  • Options for Demographics and Additional Questions

  • Two to Four Weeks from Initiation to Reporting

Our Expertise

Benefits and Policies

Understand, align and optimize benefits programs in more than 150 countries and organizations of all sizes.

Operating Model

Align the new entity’s operating model, governance parameters and decision rights with desired outcomes.


Identify culture risks to meeting the desired objectives, and build a comprehensive mitigation strategy to drive results.

Change Management and Communications

Conduct change management planning and integration focused on moving key stakeholders from both entities.

Talent Assessment, Retention and Onboarding

Maximize deal success by assessing talent, identifying and selecting leaders, and retaining critical employees.

Workforce Strategy

Determine critical roles and the talent needed to drive success. Formulate workforce strategies to address any gaps and risks.

HR Technologies

Create the needed HR delivery platform to support strategic objectives.


Design executive, sales and broad-based incentives aligned with objectives.


Understand, align and optimize pension plans and associated risk globally.

“The LEGACY Center team planned and implemented our entire organizational development program from scratch. The team consists of a number of seasoned cultural transformation leaders who are able to roll out a very unique program to our global, multicultural organizations in the U.S., Asia and Europe. By fully inserting themselves as “insiders”, the team members have been able to effect significant, positive changes successfully in just 1-2 years. We are very excited about the plans we have with the LEGACY Center team for the next couple of years.”

Alan W. Wong

President & CEO | Aavid Thermalloy

“The LEGACY Center cultural values assessment was most impactful in reaffirming and crystallizing our culture, creating a way to measure behaviors and accountability, and putting a process in place to maintain our culture as we grow and move forward. The LEGACY team was phenomenal in keeping our team fully engaged in their process, guiding us forward, and realizing amazing results!“

Lisa A. Brothers

LEED AP President and CEO | Nitsch Engineering

“We have used a variety of resources to develop our leaders and culture but lacked a cohesive, fully-integrated, and sustainable program. The LEGACY Center gave us the program and much more – they energized our entire company and our culture in precisely the way we had hoped but had never before achieved and gave us the means to carry it forward.”

John Eberle

| Ascentia

“Culture, communication and people make up more than 50% of reason JV’s or Mergers fail. A focus on Cultural fit and integration has to be top of mind for any successful merger.”

Ron Cain

CEO and Chairman | Legacy Center

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