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Today, your most powerful business asset - especially during challenging times - is the culture of your organization. In times of uncertainty, culture is put to the ultimate test. Whether your organization will benefit most from our CultureFit program to reboot your culture or our CultureFUSE program to ensure the success of a merger, you’ll have the guidance of our proven, strategic, measurable process.

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Cultural Health

Instill lasting change throughout your organization.

A company’s culture, rooted in your core values and employee behaviors, can help you protect and build performance, instill peace of mind for your current customers, and even help you generate new business.

Your culture is the power source of your brand.

Leadership Values Alignment Program

1-Day Senior Leadership Alignment Workshop

Businesses leaders participate in an engaging and revealing workshop that will help you uncover the personal values that drive your leadership. You’ll also learn how those values impact your entire organization.

Utilizing the results from a brief survey you’ll complete before the session, you’ll have a personalized view of your organization through the lens of your observed and desired cultural values. You’ll learn how to develop values-based cultures and gain a deeper understanding of your critical role in that thoughtful process. intentionally developing values will drive organizational success.

Leaders leave this session having gained critical insight into:

  • Which values you hold most dear, and how to respond when they’re challenged
  • The current needs and alignment or dysfunction in your organization’s culture
  • Which values you must authentically instill to achieve your mission most effectively
  • How you’re personally driving culture, and how you can have a better impact

Organizational Values Integration Program

6-Month Organizational Development Program

Designed to assess the impact and influence of senior leaders within your organization, this program provides the foundation of commitment and awareness necessary for intentional culture development.

Beginning with a customized 2-day workshop, your leaders will participate in dynamic team events, personal and organizational values assessments, and exercises to define your core values and supporting behaviors. This inspirational seminar will strengthen your leadership team with:

  • A shared commitment to leadership
  • Cultural clarity and insight into developmental opportunities
  • A values roadmap to develop your organization’s culture

Following this foundational offsite work, we’ll focus on the ongoing development of your senior leadership team and their authentic alignment to organizational values and supporting behaviors. Our 360° values-based process includes 1-on-1 coaching and monthly senior team meetings.

Ultimately, your leadership team will design and execute an organizational values launch with the support of our Certified Cultural Practitioners. Through a combination of hands-on workshops and communication strategies, we’ll introduce and integrate your cultural values in line with your unique environment and time-tested best practices.

Organizational Health Protection Program

Ongoing Organizational Health Maintenance and Support

Continue your organizational health and leadership development efforts with our customized, ongoing support and resources. This program will help you avoid cultural deterioration and ensure continued organizational effectiveness.

The Organizational Health Protection Program includes:

  • Annual Cultural Values Assessments with onsite reviews
  • Leadership 360° feedback
  • Mid-year accountability support
  • Additional customized cultural services


Cultural Integration

Mergers & Acquisitions

Seventy percent of mergers and acquisitions fail, and one of the top reasons is “issues with cultural integration.” It’s precisely why The LEGACY Center offers a clear and measurable process to help you integrate your acquired team members into your culture through our Cultural Integration Process.

M&A Cultural Assessment Services

Leadership and Organizational Alignment Assessments

Culture has a sizable impact on the success of mergers and acquisitions. When two misaligned organizations join together, this often leads to a loss of talent, clients, and performance. To solidify and prepare acquiring investors and acquired organizations, both stakeholders need comprehensive and detail information regarding not only the health of each party, but also how they culturally align.

With the foundation of online surveys and values-based data analysis, The LEGACY Center compares the values and culture of both organizations involved in a merger or acquisition. You’ll receive complete comparison reports and facilitated sessions outlining:

  • Core values that drive the leadership teams
  • Prevalent empirical values driving each organization, from “entrepreneurial” to “internal competition”
  • Percentage of dysfunction or “entropy” that exists within each organization
  • Level of value-based alignment between the organizations

Investor Assessment Services

4-Level Investor Assessment Options

The success of mergers and acquisitions often hinges on the alignment of each company’s culture. You need more than diligence into the financial health of a potential acquisition. You also need to quantify the cultural health of an organization and assess its driving values.

Through online surveys, we capture values-based data in order to assess the alignment between you and your potential acquisition. This includes comprehensive reports and facilitated discussions regarding the:

  • Leadership team’s core values
  • Positive and negative values powering the organization
  • Quantitative alignment of cultural values with your ideals
  • Level of cultural and structural dysfunction within the organization

As with the M&A Cultural Assessment Services, the four levels of this service include:

Assessment and analysis of each executive’s personal values and their perspective on the current culture and opportunities for improvement.

Assessment of values of the leadership team, however inclusive you prefer. Choose the demographics by which to break down the measure data.

Organization-wide assessment into the view of the complete employee base – from each member’s personal values to their perception of current and desired cultural values.

Assess and compare the values of your target company and your organization. Include

Cultural Integration Services

Seventy percent of mergers and acquisitions fail, and one of the top reasons is “issues with cultural integration.

It’s precisely why The LEGACY Center offers a clear and measurable process to help you integrate your acquired team members into your culture.

With the support of our dedicated and certified integration specialists, you’ll benefit from:

  • Measurement of Cultures

Our online cultural values measurement tool will help you identify and measure the most prevalent:

  • Personal values within each organization
  • Current observed values within each organization, both positive and negative
  • Desired values within each organization
  • Identification of Key Cultural Indicators

A facilitated discussion regarding your measured data will help you identify and clarify the:

  • Alignment of values between your organizations
  • Areas of potential conflict on which to focus
  • Alignment of each organization to their desired values
    Successful Integration Planning

A facilitated discussion to clarify values and behaviors that leads to a mutual acceptance of cultural ideals and goals. This includes planning for:

  • Current values and an aspirational set of values to build toward
  • Taking advantage of top opportunities and mitigating the risk of potential conflict
  • A platform for communication
  • Supported Execution
  • Consistent support and accountability that maximizes successful cultural integration.

Regular sessions with your LEGACY partner protect your vision and identify risks. This includes:

  • Scheduling and executing values rollouts
  • Ongoing check-ins and development of executive team
  • Team development workshops, annual cultural measurements, and more.


What Our Customers Say About Us

Alan Wong Headshot, President & CEO of Aavid Thermally

Alan W. Wong President & CEO

Aavid Thermalloy

The LEGACY Center team planned and implemented our entire organizational development program from scratch. The team consists of a number of seasoned cultural transformation leaders who are able to roll out a very unique program to our global, multicultural organizations in the U.S., Asia and Europe. By fully inserting themselves as “insiders'', the team members have been able to effect significant, positive changes successfully in just 1-2 years. We are very excited about the plans we have with the LEGACY Center team for the next couple of years.”

Lisa Brothers Headshot,PE, LEED AP President and CEO, of Nitsch Engineering

Lisa A. Brothers, PE, LEED AP President and CEO,

Nitsch Engineering

“The LEGACY Center cultural values assessment was most impactful in reaffirming and crystallizing our culture, creating a way to measure behaviors and accountability, and putting a process in place to maintain our culture as we grow and move forward. The LEGACY team was phenomenal in keeping our team fully engaged in their process, guiding us forward, and realizing amazing results!“

John Eberle Headshot,of Ascentia

John Eberle


“We have used a variety of resources to develop our leaders and culture but lacked a cohesive, fully-integrated, and sustainable program. The LEGACY Center gave us the program and much more – they energized our entire company and our culture in precisely the way we had hoped but had never before achieved and gave us the means to carry it forward.”

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