Legacy Center's Virtual Roundtable

Since 2014 we have been helping companies improve their culture score and reduce dysfunction levels all while re-enforcing the core values that help guide their organization. In this event, you can expect us to touch on cultural struggles that our clients are experiencing - and how we helped them improve.


A word from The LEGACY Center President

"My team here at Legacy has been noticing some key common cultural struggles that our clients are experiencing in today's challenging environment.  One that is especially sticky and prevalent is the need to find ways for leaders and their teams to stay accountable to communication, deliverables, and the development of their people with remote work.  If this is something you'd like to learn more about - I'd love to talk with you about it!"  Maintaining a high-performing culture during all this change is tough.

Reasons To Attend

In this 30 minute virtual event, you'll...

  • Gain access to experienced senior cultural transformation EXPERTS
  • Learn how The LEGACY Center team has been helping companies navigate remote times
  • Hear what other executives are ENCOUNTERING through their personal experiences
  • Get valuable insights on the triumphs and hardships remote work has brought
  • Q&A session with CEO's like you!

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3 Ways The LEGACY Center Can Help Your Organization's Culture



The LEGACY Center team is here to help you and your organization build a cultural foundation. We help your team define, align, and roll out a values-based culture model that will not only help you keep your valuable employees, but it will also attract your next high-performer.



You've defined your organization's core values, now what? The LEGACY Center Team can now help ensure that those values are seamlessly integrated into your workplace.



You talk the talk, and walk the walk! You've done the work and you're proud of the culture you've built and nourished and are now looking to take the necessary measures to protect it, The LEGACY Center team is here for you.

What Our Customers Say About Us

The LEGACY Center gave us the program and much more – they energized our entire company and our culture in precisely the way we had hoped but had never before achieved and gave us the means to carry it forward.

-John Eberle, Ascentia

"The LEGACY Center cultural values assessment was most impactful in reaffirming and crystallizing our culture, creating a way to measure behaviors and accountability, and putting a process in place to maintain our culture as we grow and move forward."

- Lisa A. Brothers, PE, LEED AP President and CEO, Nitsch Engineering

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