Building Our Own Legacy

Our Pathway To Realizing Our Vision

Our History

We began building our legacy over a decade ago as an organizational development group focused on integrating a values-based cultural model across various businesses in the supply chain, retail installation, and youth sports industries. Over those years, we developed and refined our approach to create and sustain healthy workplace cultures. Today, our vision still remains: impacting lives & developing leaders.

Recognizing the opportunity to pass on what we had learned about using shared values to intentionally shape culture, the legacy center was launched in 2013 with a team of expert practitioners who had first-hand experience in driving business success. Measuring, assessing & ultimately improving the cultural drivers that drove business success.

Group sitting infant of computers at conference table, all attention is focused on person giving presentation

The legacy center has evolved into a team of certified cultural transformation practitioners and executive coaches with over 100 years of organizational development experience – serving clients across many business-to-business, business-to-consumer, public and non-profit organizations. Through our hands-on work in various business platforms, we’ve developed an ability to customize cultural development services for clients of all shapes and sizes designed to help them achieve their mission in the most healthy way possible.

Our Mission

The LEGACY Center partners with like-minded organizations to make a positive difference in the world by developing leaders who create healthy values-driven cultures in the workplace.

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