Letters from Legacy

The LEGACY Center team is here to help you and your organization develop a sustainable, healthy, and thriving culture. Our letters are conversation-starting, hard-hitting questions and opinions that we as leaders must ask ourselves in order to grow. We invite you to write back and share with us your thoughts or perhaps some workplace anecdotes that exemplify your journey to values-driven leadership and culture. 

Kind regards,

The LEGACY Center Team

The Importance of Values-Driven...

We make decisions.  We solve problems.  I once heard the author and speaker, Dr. Henry Cloud, say that success in our work means,  “we get more complex problems to solve and more impactful decisions to make!”  That is a success!  We get more!  Added to that, as we build our businesses, grow our organizations, and […]
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3 Reasons Organizational Culture...

Organizations keep turning up in the news with disastrous circumstances that frequently point back to flaws in their culture:  everything from serious integrity infractions, loss of important talent, and of course the current attention on egregious sexual misconduct and harassment.  No one starts a business with the intent of landing in one of these or […]
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What is the Most Important Leadership...

The greatest leadership quality?  In my experience it’s humility.  With this as a grounding value, I’ve seen people open themselves up to valuable new ideas, build empowered teams and organizations, and catapult their own personal growth.  They protect what they are helping build, through centered, secure pursuit of the best ideas and the strongest solutions, […]
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