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At The Legacy Center, we partner with clients and help them develop healthy workplace cultures that support long-term business success.

With a record-breaking 10.9 million open jobs at the end of July 2021, 15.5 million Americans quitting their jobs as of April, and 41% of workers across the globe considering leaving their jobs in the next six months - culture has never mattered more.

The Legacy Team can help you improve your workplace culture for enhanced performance and help define the leadership values that will help you retain your valued employees and attract your next high performer.

What Our Customers Say About Us

The LEGACY Center gave us the program and much more – they energized our entire company and our culture in precisely the way we had hoped but had never before achieved and gave us the means to carry it forward.

-John Eberle, Ascentia

"The LEGACY Center cultural values assessment was most impactful in reaffirming and crystallizing our culture, creating a way to measure behaviors and accountability, and putting a process in place to maintain our culture as we grow and move forward."

- Lisa A. Brothers, PE, LEED AP President and CEO, Nitsch Engineering

What to Expect On The Call

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In this 30-minute exploratory call we may discuss:

  • Your current efforts to develop a healthy workplace culture
  • Best practices for a thriving, values-driven organization
  • Any potential opportunities to optimize your culture

Since 2014, we have helped 25 companies improve their culture score and reduce dysfunction levels all while re-enforcing the core values that help guide their organization. We look forward to partnering with you to do the same.

-Ruth Lund, President of The Legacy Center

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